Gino Sarfatti 30 lamp Chandelier inspiration

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The distinctive 2097 chandelier is one of the most popular lighting classics of the twentieth century. The elegant design from 1958 has an industrial inspired look, coming from the ‘inside-out’ construction of the lamp. The design consists of a central steel cylinder, which holds the delicate branching steel arms. The visible lamp holders with hanging cables create the unique design of the chandelier, making for its complex, sculptural look. This mid-century masterpiece has a great room presence, emitting soft, pleasant light. For his 30 years of creative work, the talented Gino Sarfatti contributed to the world’s design arena with over 400 lamp designs. His extensive experiments and research into innovation and technical lighting effects resulted in iconic, durable pieces, featured in design museums worldwide.

We produce the classic 2097 chandelier with filigree metal poles of carbon steel and bulb holders with 30 bulb lamps, depending on your size of choice, to provide atmospheric light. This artistic piece comes in a silver or  black or gold finish.